Dr. Ilia Todorov, PhD

Dr. Ilia Todorov, PhDBorn in 1976 in Varna, Bulgaria. In 2001 graduated the Medical University – Varna with a degree doctor of medicine. Since 2003 works as a doctor in the Clinic of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Saint Marina University Hospital – Varna. In 2006 finishes the National Educational Courses of Manual Medicine by Ass. Prof. Todoroff and Ass. Prof. Kraev. In 2009-2010 specializes Manual Medicine in Hannover, Germany by Dr. von Heymann and Dr. Vittig. In 2011-2012 specializes Neural Therapy in Varna by Dr. Pieller, Munich, Germany. Since 2013 is an assistant-lecturer in the Manual Therapy courses held by Prof. Todoroff in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey. Since 2005 elected as a Secretary of Bulgarian Society of Manual Medicine (BSMM) and takes part as a delegate at the annual General Assemblies of FIMM (Federation Internationale de Medecine Manuelle).

Foreign Languages: fluent English, moderate German, moderate Russian

Scientific work: 28 articles in Bulgaria, mainly concerning the Manual Medicine, rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease and disc herniations, the methods of objectifying the findings of the Manual Diagnostics, physical and injection therapy of the frozen shoulder syndrome, etc.

2014 – "The frozen shoulder syndrome – specific features and contemporary therapeutic approach"

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