Assoc. Prof. Todor Todoroff

Assoc. Prof. Todor TodoroffBorn in Varna, Bulgaria in 1950. In 1976 graduated the Medical University – Varna with a degree doctor of medicine. In 1993 becomes Associated Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Since 2003 is Chief of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Saint Marina University Hospital – Varna. In the years 1985 – 1987 specialized Manual Medicine in Prague, the former Czechoslovakia, by Prof. Karel Levit. Later on continued his serious work in the field of Masculoskeletal Medicine. Since 2001 President of the Bulgarian Society of Manual Medicine (BSMM). Since 2003 – elected auditor of FIMM (Federation Internationale de Medecine Manuelle). Representative of Bulgaria at the annual General Assemblies of FIMM since 2002.

Foreign Languages: fluent German, moderate English, moderate Russian.

Scientific Work: 78 articles in Bulgaria and abroad, mainly concerning the Manual Medicine, the rehabilitation of cardiac and respiratory diseases, rheumatology and balneotherapy.

Courses held in Bulgaria: Since his election for President of BSMM runs the National Educational Course of Manual Medicine.
Courses held abroad:
1993 – three courses in Modica, Sicily.
2000 – 2001 three courses in the Medical Universities of Istanbul and Edirne, Turkey.
2002 – refresher course in Capa University, Istanbul, Turkey.
2005 – 2006 complete course of Manual Medicine in Antalya and Alanya, Turkey.
Since 2012 runs regular courses of Manual Medicine in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey.
Dissertation: "A study of the effect of Manual Therapy on patients with cervicocranial and cervical blockages".

Scientific work:
- techniques of manual diagnostics and therapy;
- rehabilitation of ankylosing spondylitis (M. Bechterew), haemophilic arthritis, cervical blockages and osteoarthrosis, disc herniations, diabetes, etc.;
- the use of electro-cutaneous resistance for diagnostic purposes;
- the use of thermo diagnostics for objectifying the effect of Manual Therapy;
- postisometric relaxation techniques;
- balneotherapy for patients with ankylosing spondylitis (M. Bechterew);
- the use of hydrogalvanic baths;
- the objectifying with thermovision of functional blockages at different levels of the spine and their further treatment with physical therapy

2003 – Manual Medicine (Turkish Language), vol.I
2005 – Manual Medicine (Bulgarian Language)
2009 – Manual Medicine (Turkish Language)

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